There is no doubt that cars are a major part of our lives. At an early age, we are already dreaming about our first car and what it will be like to drive our friends around our hometown. Unfortunately, the same car that can bring so much excitement and so many good memories can also be the thing that has a major negative impact on our financial future.  

The business of selling cars 

Auto manufacturers have been very successful at getting us to believe that we have to have the newest model and that the car we drive somehow is an indicator of who we are as a person and how much money we make. They put millions of dollars into making sure that we continue to think this way because if we all stopped buying cars as often and just stuck with the cars we have then they would be in big trouble. 

Auto Financing

The interest rates and fees that you pay when you are in the market for a new car should be a top priority! Dealerships typically have financing departments that make it easy for them to sell you a car and charge you higher interest rates than you would get from a bank or a credit union because you just test drove a car and you are reacting on emotion. Generally, you will get a much better deal by going to a credit union or a bank. If you walk into a dealership with a pre-approval letter that puts you in a great position because you are not at the mercy of the dealership.

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