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What is insurance? Insurance is the transfer of risk from a person or a business to an insurer.

The Financial Point believes that our clients deserve to know their options so that they can make an informed decision on the coverage and carrier that best suits their needs. Just like any other company, insurance carriers have different strengths and weaknesses, products and services, and the cost for coverages can vary from carrier to carrier based on many different factors.

Our job is to make sure that our clients are with the carrier that best fits their needs. Limiting yourself to one company means taking a chance on being with a carrier who may not have the best options for your needs and whose premiums are significantly higher than other carriers with better coverages.

With The Financial Point, our clients feel confident knowing that they have the very best option available for their specific needs.

Our purpose is to provide our community access to the highest level of service in an industry that plays such a vital role in our lives. We have dedicated our lives to providing a memorable client experience by providing an unmatched level of customer service and educating our clients on the options they have based on their needs. While at the same time creating a workplace atmosphere that has allowed us to keep the valued members of our team for decades.

The Financial Point demands that our clients’ needs are met and when we see an opportunity to add value to our community, we do whatever it takes to make it happen.


Our Process

Step 1The Financial Point takes a consultative approach when it comes to making sure our clients have the coverages that fit their needs. We gather the information we need to shop and compare the options that are available.

Step 2Once we shop all of the options and have the results, we will go through the options with you so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Step 3Once a decision is made, we will work to get you set up quickly and make sure you have the resources needed moving forward so that the entire process is simple and hassle-free.


With The Financial Point, Insurance will never be a concern because we will watch over your policy to make sure that you always have the best available coverages and rates.


We know that insurance is important and in many cases required but what really matters to us when it comes to our insurance?

  • Honesty and IntegrityWe want to know the company we are working with is looking out for our best interest so that we are not over-covered to increase premiums but that we are not under-covered either. We want the company to do what they say they are going to do and not fight us on paying claims.
  • AffordabilityWe want the most affordable pricing possible for the coverage that we need. For the same exact coverage, different insurance companies will charge different amounts. Imagine paying more for the same exact coverage as someone else with a different insurance company.
  • Coverage – We want to know that we are truly covered and that the company did their due diligence to make sure they have the right amounts of coverage needed for our situation.
  • Communication – We want to know that when we need them they will be there to help us and to take the time to educate us on the process along the way so that we make smart decisions.


Let The Financial Point help you find the best coverage and rates for your situation.

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