Homeownership is a great privilege and a big part of the American dream. Buying a home is a big milestone in life and can give you that feeling that you have “made it”. For many renters, becoming a homeowner is an obsession and we want to help you make it happen by simplifying the process, giving you the information you need to get qualified, and connecting you with industry professionals that can guide you across the finish line.

Homeownership is the ultimate wealth-building vehicle because you are paying down the balance of the mortgage while your home increases in value. There are also tax benefits that save you money as well. According to the National Association of Realtors, homeowners have a net worth 41 times higher than renters. Becoming a homeowner should be a top priority and you should be working towards it as quickly as possible. Why? Because home values are increasing significantly so the house that you can afford today may be out of the budget next year. You likely can’t out-save the rate at which home values are increasing so the best thing you can do is jump in as soon as possible. Most people think that you have to put a lot of money down or that you have to have great credit to buy a house and neither is true! You should see a loan officer discuss your options and see where you stand. We work with the best all of the US if you need a referral email complete the form below.

On top of the financial benefits, homeowners love the stability and control that you do not have as a renter. When you own your own home you can paint the walls any color, do the landscaping the way you want, and you don’t have to worry about your rent payment increasing constantly.

Buying a new home can raise a lot of questions such as how much of a down payment do I need, what type of loan should I get, or even just where to start. We will help you navigate all this and more as well as empower you to find the best mortgage lenders and real estate agents.

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