We will start with some important things that you SHOULD be doing and then the things NOT to do! Make sure to grab a pen and paper!

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  • DO pay all of your bills on time 
  • DO validate amounts owed on collection accounts
  • DO monitor your credit monthly
  • DO investigate accounts that you may not recognize
  • DO get organized and stay organized
  • DO your research before making any financial decisions

Sometimes the best credit advice is not what you should be doing but is in fact what NOT to do. We want to make sure you know how to avoid pitfalls and identify when you’ve veered into a danger zone.

  • DON’T apply for new credit until you know you’re ready
  • DON’T incur debt as a part of your credit game plan
  • DON’T conduct disputes online
  • DON’T blindly pay off debts
  • DON’T provide collection companies with requested data
  • DON’T ignore a court summons

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